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eGov Programmes


In line with the eGov Masterplans over the past three decades, various e-Government programmes have been or will be launched to realise our visions.

These programmes will cater to the needs of one or more groups of users including Citizens, Businesses and Government.
A number of such programmes capitalise on the strong leadership of the eGov Council, the highest approving authority for e-Government in Singapore, to enable a whole-of-government transformation in ICT to realise greater integration and efficiency across government agencies.

Separately, government agencies also embark on developing their own e-Government initiatives, and this flexibility allows agencies to meet the different needs of their customers. These initiatives are also aligned with the vision and thrusts of eGov Masterplans.
This section describes some of the main programmes that are ongoing in implementation or have been launched. Some programmes have undergone revamp and enhancement. They are grouped according to user groups (Citizen, Business and Government). Programme information can also be found under each eGov Masterplan.

Latest Programmes

  • OneInbox
    OneInbox is a one-stop official and trusted platform for citizens and businesses to receive electronic
    correspondences from the Government, in place of hardcopy letters.
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 provides easy discovery of and access to publicly-available government datasets.

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    mGov@SG is a one-stop mobile site that allows individuals and businesses to easily search for, identify, and access m-services provided by the Government.
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  • Cloud Computing for Government
    The Government Cloud (G-Cloud) provides a resilient and secure ICT shared environment that allows
    government agencies to procure computing resources on-demand, with greater ease and speed.
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    Whole-Of-Government Enterprise Architecture
    The programme aims to establish a federated view of all government agencies' enterprise architectures to optimise government ICT assets for greater cost savings or avoidance.
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