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"Better donor care management through dedicated online service" DonorCare@HSA is an online website, dedicated to serve the needs of the community of blood donors in Singapore providing services such as managing their own blood donation schedules conveniently.


Link to DonorCare@HSA website:

DonorCare@HSA is an online website, dedicated to serve the needs of the community of blood donors in Singapore. Through its interactive self-service features, regular donors will experience more control in managing their own blood donation schedules conveniently.

The long-term objective to cultivate a sizeable pool of regular blood donors in the event of critical national needs, led to the inception of DonorCare@HSA. As part of the Donor Care Management System, DonorCare@HSA is instrumental in nurturing close relationship with existing donors and acting as a crucial recruitment platform for potential donors.

Highlights of DonorCare@HSA
With DonorCare@HSA, blood donors would be able to book donation appointments from the comfort of their home and office anytime of the day via the Internet. Reminders and confirmation on appointments will be disseminated via SMS or email, based on the preferred time and mode specified by the donors. With this timely notification, donors need not be worried about missing appointments.

In addition, donors can also update their personal particulars online. This ensures that the database is up-to-date to facilitate the tracking of donors more promptly.

Potential blood donors will be able to determine if they are suitable for blood donations by doing an online health assessment check via the 'Health Assessment Questionnaire'. This rule out unnecessary trips to the blood collection centres for preliminary testing.

Advantage of DonorCare@HSA: Effective and Timely Communication
The key advantage of DonorCare@HSA is its ability to leverage on the Internet and mobile technologies to facilitate timely and effective communication with its donors. This primary advantage translates into the following benefits:

  1. Reduced waiting time for donations as donors can view the estimated waiting time online at Bloodbank@hsa and book their appointments online.
  2. Enhanced donor response during emergency situations (e.g. mass civilian disasters) by activating regular donors through SMS or email, should there be the need to boost the blood stock.
  3. Educating the public on blood donation process, importance of donating regularly and their contribution to blood safety. Through this new resource, it is hoped that blood donors are further encouraged and that new blood donors will come forward.

Another added advantage of DonorCare@HSA is its secured electronic transactions feature which leverages on SingPass, a government-wide authentication system that provides one ID and password to all citizens and residents to transact online with the Singapore Government.

DonorCare@HSA is an initiative by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore.

About HSA's Center for Transfusion Medicine
The Center for Transfusion Medicine [CTM] of HSA is responsible for the national blood supply. It collects, processes, and distributes blood and blood components to all public and private hospitals in Singapore.

CTM runs and manages the Bloodbank@HSA and DonorCare@HSA.

About the Health Sciences Authority
HSA applies medical, pharmaceutical and specialised scientific expertise to safeguard public health and safety in Singapore. As one multidisciplinary agency, the national regulator of all therapeutic products provides a seamless yet rigorous regulatory process to the healthcare and biomedical sciences industries. HSA also manages the national blood bank, Bloodbank@HSA, protecting the integrity of the nation's blood supply. As the national reference agency, HSA exploits specialised scientific, forensic, investigative and analytical capabilities in order to serve the administration of justice and enhance safety in our community.

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