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One authentication system to access all government e-services                       
Fast facts
Update date
Jul 2015
Adoption by agencies
>60 (June 2015)


Since 1st March 2003, all Singapore residents aged 15 were able to apply for a SingPass ID/password, if they do not already have one, for the purpose of transacting with the Government via online e-services.

To better meet the needs of its users, the enhanced SingPass system was launched in July 2015 and it includes an improved user interface, mobile-friendly features and stronger security capabilities, such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for e-government transactions, particularly for those involving sensitive data. This is a one-time "second factor" password delivered through Short Messaging Service (SMS) or OneKey token.

SingPass, which stands for Singapore Personal Access, is designed with the objective of providing one authentication system for access to all Government e-services requiring single-factor authentication, so that only one password needs to be provided when transacting with the Government.

Programme Details:

The SingPass authentication system strives to provide users with a high level of confidence by allowing an alphanumeric password that can be as long as 24 characters, to enable end-to-end encryption of user IDs and passwords, thereby promising a high level of availability and resiliency. Behind the scene, SingPass enhances internal Government efficiency by eliminating the need for each agency to develop and administer its own authentication system.

SingPass replaced the Central Provident Fund (CPF) authentication system (PAL PIN) which previously catered to individuals with CPF accounts. New CPF members, citizens reaching the age of 15 who have registered for their National Registration and Identification Card, and new employment pass and dependent pass holders will be automatically issued with a new SingPass ID/password. Other users can apply for a SingPass account and get it on the spot at convenient locations such as the five CPF offices and selected Community Clubs or Centres. Alternatively, if they do not need the account immediately, they can apply online via the SingPass website, and a password mailer will be sent to their registered home address.

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