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Media Room


This is a collection of Singapore eGov materials for your browsing, which covers the past years of developments in the past 10 years.

  • Masterplan Brochures
  • eCitizen, Citizen Connect and EnterpriseOne Brochures
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Masterplan Brochures

Masterplan Brochure 20112011 New* This brochure reveals the eGov2015 Masterplan which ushers in a new era of e-Government service delivery as we shift from a "government-to-you" to a "government-with-you" approach.
Masterplan Brochure 20102010 This brochure details the iGov2010 Masterplan and how the new plan will continue to serve citizens and businesses better. It also reviews the achievements of Singapore's e-Government efforts.
Masterplan Brochure 20052005 This brochure provides you with an overview of the e-Government Action Plan II, and the latest initiatives and EnterpriseOne_Brochure Government had planned for citizens and businesses.
Masterplan Brochure 20032003 Connecting Citizens, Delighting Customers. This brochure outlines the key strategies of the e-Government Action Plan II.
Masterplan Brochure 20012001 The e-Government brochure 2001 shares the strategies and directions of Singapore e-Government and how the public service is transforming and integrating.
Masterplan Brochure 20002000 The e-Government brochure 2000 provides details of the first e-Government Action Plan, its strategic thrusts and strategic programmes.
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Other Publications

eCitizeneCitizen Culture, Recreation & SportsCulture, Recreation & Sports Defence & SecurityDefence & Security Education, Learning & EmploymentEducation, Learning & Employment
Family & Community DevelopmentFamily & Community Development Health & EnvironmentHealth & Environment HousingHousing Transport & TravelTransport & Travel
eCitizens Brochures

These brochures represent the various eTowns which make up the portal. To find out more about the services offered, click on each brochure to find out more (As of 2007).


CitizenConnect Brochure

CitizenConnect Brochure

CitizenConnect is your one-stop centre for easy and convenient access to government services online.

CitizenConnect Brochure
EnterpriseOne Brochure

EnterpriseOne Brochure

EnterpriseOne portal will help find the answers you need to start, sustain or grow a business via the EnterpriseOne portal.

EnterpriseOne Brochure




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